Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  The leprechaun visited our house today!  Did he visit your house?  You can go back and read my view on making special days special for my children here.  Charlie got off the bus and ran into the house so excited to see what the leprechaun did.


Charlie wore his St. Patrick’s Day shirt to school!  He is Mr. Lucky today, but really I am the lucky one because he’s my kid and he is the best!


The leprechaun left gold coins all over the house, a bowl of Skittles so the kids could “taste the rainbow” and he also made some mischief….


He put green streamers all over the house!  What a crazy guy that leprechaun is!

What are you making for dinner?  Corned beef and cabbage?  My mom used to make that every year for St. Patrick’s Day.  I happen to hate corned beef, unless sliced very thin and bought from a deli counter lol.  I made Reubens for dinner, which my family loves!  Hope you all had a great day!  If you have any recipes for some corned beef that may change my mind about it, feel free to share and make a believer out of me!

Stay Sweet~ Amanda

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