I want to wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day!  I hope you are spending it with your loved ones.  I know I am.  Right now my husband is at work, but I got up extra early, and I am going to surprise him with all the goodies I have been making. My kids are going to be surprised later on as well, with everything that I did for them.  I did do 2 more things for Pat only.  One of them, the kids can’t see lol.


I bought a bottle of Mountain Dew, and made my own label on it.  I also put “Dew Me” on a tag, just for giggles.  LOL.  I also made him a bouquet of lottery tickets, which he is crazy obsessed with.  Don’t ask me why!  I can’t even win a free ticket on those things, so I don’t waste my money.  But it was super cute!  I tapped the lottery tickets on candy sticks, along with paper hearts and little notes that say “I won the lottery when I fell in love with you.”  I put everything in a heart shaped box with styrofoam on the bottom to stick the candy sticks in to make them stay put.  Then I covered that up with some paper confetti.


BUSTED!  Yes, we are from Chicago!  We love the Blackhawks!  I hope you liked what I did for Valentine’s Day for my family!  I hope you got some ideas from my posts!  Stay tuned for what we had for Valentine’s Day dinner and dessert!!

Stay Sweet~



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