Valentine’s Day Breakfast!

Make breakfast special with your little Valentines!  Something so simple as making heart-shaped pancakes can brighten someones day!  These heart shaped cinnamon rolls are even easier to do.


Here is what you do.  You can make cinnamon roll dough if you have the time…..or just go to the local grocery store and buy the refrigerated kind.  I just bought mine from my nearest Aldi store.  Aldi brand (at the time of making these) cinnamon rolls do not have any milk in them, so they are Charlie friendly and such a yummy treat for him to have.  You can also take store bought Crecent roll dough  and make your own butter/cinnamon/sugar mixture to roll up and make your own cinnamon rolls that way.  At the time of this post, and I say that because recipes change all the time for items you buy at the store, so you MUST read the lables all the time and make sure they are milk/allergy free, crescent rolls are milk free.  Or if you do not have any allergies….YAY!  Just buy your favorite type of cinnamon rolls.


Take your cinnamon roll and unroll it.


Leave the one end of the “heart” and start rolling the other side to look like the left end.


TADA!!!  A heart!  But you need to pinch in the point so it doesn’t burn to a crisp!


Place them individually on a baking sheet (not in a round pan like it calls for in the instructions) and bake according to the package.

DSC_0021SSI personally like to give my children some fruit in the morning, and I had strawberries in the fridge.  I also cut those into heart shapes as well.


Just hull the strawberries and cut a “v” shape in the middle like so.  Then cut the strawberries in half horizonally and you have yourself some adorable heart strawberries!



I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!



Stay Sweet~ Amanda

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  1. Pat Schmidt

    April 8, 2016 at 12:45 am

    Those were so good. Thanks.

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