Valentines Day Brownies and Brownie Pops

The kids and I were hard at work today while Dad was at work!  We made some cookies and brownies.  We also made brownie pops because I hate seeing food go to waste!


I made my favorite batch of milk free brownies (recipe will be posted soon).  I wanted to make the brownies more festive for Valentine’s Day…so I cut them out in hear shapes.  Then I let the kids go to work and decorate them.

Chocolate cookies on the left that my daughter was decorating

Since I had so much going on today, I got some store bought icing (I know!  I know!)  But it was easy for the kids to squeeze it out of the bags.  Also, TONS and TONS of sprinkles are a must!  Charlie had fun decorating (and eating) all the brownies.


Michaela decorated the cookies with chocolate frosting and sprinkles.  Don’t worry!  I was also cooking at the same time.  What did I make you ask?  I was in the process of making brownie pops with the brownie scraps.


See how much brownie was left?  Please feel free to eat that, or make what I made with it, but don’t you dare throw it out!  What a waste of delicious brownies!


Put the brownie scraps into a bowl and crumble it all up.  You may need to take some of the harder edges out of the mix because that will not work as well.  Then, I took some of the frosting that was being used by my kids and mixed it into the brownie crumbs.


You want the mixture to be able to mold into shapes, but not super wet.  I maybe used 1/4 of the store bought frosting for all the brownie scraps that I had.  Then put the mixture into the fridge for a half hour or so until it hardens.  Next, the magic happens!  Roll the mixture into balls.


Have some melted chocolate nearby and dip the end of a candy stick into the chocolate and then into the brownie balls.  Once completed, put them back into the fridge to harden up before dipping the entire ball into the chocolate.  When you dip the brownie pops into the chocolate, let the excess chocolate drip off and decorate with sprinkles immediately before the chocolate hardens.


Look at how cute these sprinkles are!!!  XOXO!!!  I let the brownie pops fully harden in a styrofoam block.


Have fun with it!  But I mean, I had all the ingredients…so why let all that food go to waste?  It maybe took another hour start to finish to make these.  Pat was super surprised when he got home to see all the goodies we made!  Don’t worry!  We didn’t eat all of these goodies.  My work benefits from all the leftovers as do Michaela’s friends!  Sharing is caring!  Hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with love!

Stay Sweet~


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